A bit late.. But here are some pics from the last All Day Sunday. Mark baptised his new 1st Punic war Carthaginians, mostly Hopolites, against my Republican Roman Legion.

Mark’s Punic Battle line


The Romans advance. A good example of Maniple Vs Phalanx. Note the Carthaginian Elephant, repulsed by disciplined use of manipular tactics!!


But there are more where he came from!! what with Naked Greeks too!!


In the end this was a Carthaginian Victory, but a close run thing and an enjoyable game.



  1. gladiator64 · October 7, 2007

    Yes, I had thought of that Maurice !!! but there are alot of hits on the 1st Punic war , and there are no innuendo titles there!!

  2. Neuromancer · October 7, 2007

    well maybe its marks link bait post titles take a look at the search terms that hit on “Hot Elf on Elf action, Naked Men, AT43 and Grain Elevators “

  3. gladiator64 · October 6, 2007

    We do seem to get a lot of hits on this post!!! at least 6 or more a day. It would be interesting if visitors would comment on thier interest, as it is intriguing!

  4. Gladiator · June 20, 2007

    Bugger!!! bloody camera!!! I’ll send them to you

  5. shalamanser · June 19, 2007

    Dave – you need to take these three pictures off the site, then compress them, before reposting them. They are using 13% of the total space alloacted to the site and take ages to load.

    If you prefer you can always email them to me and I’ll do it before reposting them.

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