Large FFG X-Wing Game 800 Plus Points

Last Sunday we had a large scale X-Wing Game with 8 players and using out combine models. We ended up with Approximately 400 points each of rebels and Imperial. With each player running around 100 points.


We re used the clubs black sheet we have used in the past for other space combat games and the clubs  collection of Asteroids. This gives a nicer feel to the game and forces players to be carefull as it can be easy to run into an asteroid if you are not carefull

Here the Imperials (Darth Terry and Darth Steve)  are  lining up to crush the rebellion.


And the Opposing Rebels fight for  freedom.

Set up too quite a while this is the line up about 70% through assembling of fleets.


The game was interesting as before x-wing games have been small affairs and its interesting to try a big game. My thoughts are is that it flowed well even with 8 players though at large scale the numerical advantage of the cheaper Tie fighters does tend to overwhelm the rebels individually more powerful units.

A couple of close up shots of the battle (taken with a long lens unfortunately the auto-focus seemed to like the asteroids so apologies for any fuzzy shots)

xwing-close-2 xwing-close