WW2 Eastern Front Wargame

Last Monday we had a ww2 eastern front game using the clubs own rule set. The T34’s and supporting infantry emerge from the woods THE RUSSIAN HORDES EMERGE FROM THE WOODS KV1’s Push forward into the oncoming fire – the red marker indicates a killed vehicleKV1'S ATTACK INTO A HAIL OF AP SHELLS But the KV’s take out a Marder tank destroyer MARDER KNOCKED OUT BY THE KV1'S A Nashorn prepares to avenge its little brother the Marder with its Pak 43 88 mm NASHORN DEFENDING AGAINST T34'S Stugs counter attack the KV1 thrust STUG III COUNTERATTACK AGAINST THE KV1'S The Soviet commander observes the progress of the battle T34 COY. HQ DIRECTS THE SOVIET ADVANCE A flanking attack by more T34’s and supporting infantry T34'S PRESS HOME THEIR ATTACK ON THE VILLAGE