Bedford Gladiator Members

Have a vast range of areas of interest and between us we proably have armies for all time periods.

Some Picures for our all day sunday sessions which is when we do our longer/larger games.

all day 6 6 04 00024.jpg

WW2 game In progress (we normaly use our Adapted Peter Guilder rules)



  1. Oplon Games · November 8, 2012

    Dear strategy gamers!

    we are a new company from Athens making strategy games played over a web browser. Our current project is called “Empires at War 1805”, you can see more info about it in the following links:

    Indiegogo Campaign: http://www.indiegogo.com/eaw-1805?a=1582854
    Game Website: http://www.eaw1805.com/
    Company website: http://www.oplongames.com/

    We are making wargames, not social games, so we count on wargamers support to launch this! If you need more information, manuals, screenshots, questions or whatever – please contact us 🙂

    We also run a special offer during this period, your wargaming club can start you own game (17 players can fit into one game), and split the countries between you as you see fit. And yes, this game will be completely free so that you can see if you like it 🙂

    Kind Regards,
    Oplon Games

  2. Richard · September 26, 2012

    i live in sandy and have a Black templars army only just starting out after a 6 year gap would love to learn how to play again as many years and much alchol have clouded my memorys 🙂
    im 24 and would be pretty interested in joining the club also if there is anyone who lives in sandy i could maybe share a car ride to a club night?

  3. Dave · June 21, 2009

    Mark….interesting, what is the event you are talking about..dates, location, costs?

  4. Mark · May 28, 2009

    From the humble origins of a gaming collective to a one-day convention encompassing RPG’s, Board Games, CCG’s War Games, Comics, Books, Film, Video and PC Gaming.
    Our aim is for an informal event that enables the enthusiast and casual gamer to sample the best the hobby has to offer.

    The provisional line-up is:

    Companies Attending
    Games Workshop
    Forge World
    Warhammer Historical
    The Black Library
    Mongoose Publishing
    Esvedium Games
    Battlefront : Flames of War
    Triple Ace Games
    Project Hydra
    Warlord Games
    Chaos City Comics
    Calamity Comics
    Murky Depths
    Wargames Inc
    Simple Miniature Games
    Definitive games

    Authors Attending
    Gav Thorpe
    Richard Williams
    Joely Black
    Derek Gunn
    Garry Charles
    Dan Abnett
    Peter Mark May
    Frazer Lee
    Raven Dane
    Nick Kyme
    Simon Scarrow
    Robyn Young
    Leah Moore
    Conrad Williams
    Steve Dean

    Artist Attending
    Kev Walker
    David Michael Wright

  5. Steven · July 3, 2006

    3 July – excellent Samurai 15mm game run by Terry arden – really enjoyed it – Peter and I were holding a stockaded village against Graham. I was in the village with the Mad Monks and some Bow men, Peter bringing up the rear with a relief force. Despite a very heavy heavy incursion into the village i managed to hold the line – lost most of the Monks but Peter saced the day. Great game! Thanks Terry!

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