Stag Night & Curry

Meant to announce this at the club on Monday, but in the heat of battle with Barry’s Ogres, I forgot . . .

As many of you will know already, I’m due to be married at the end of the month. My Stag Night will be taking place next weekend on Saturday the 16th. 7pm in the Wellington. Many beers followed by large quantities of curry. All club members are welcome. However, I need to book a table in the curry house, so I must know if you plan to come by Tuesday at the latest.

* PS – It would appear that the tradition of the Stag Night harks back to the 5th century BC and ancient Sparta. “Come back with your shield or on it” seems like an appropriate motto for a stag night to me đŸ™‚


  1. Neuromancer · June 15, 2007

    Have fun soory i cant make it

  2. Steven Welch · June 13, 2007

    Be at Mark’s stag do or be square!

  3. Steve Guy · June 12, 2007

    Mark – would love to come, but am going to London that evening for something booked months ago. Sorry!

  4. Terry · June 8, 2007

    Hi Mark, still up for beer and curry, not to many beers as I am taking the off spring to wembley on sunday, mind you they are both at a party at the angel on the saturday to late.

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