Rushden Open Day

Dave has asked me to add this youtube video taken during the Rushden all day meet which took place at the weekend.

I’ll try and embed it first . . .

If that doesn’t work for you, then there’s a direct link below . . .

link to video


  1. Warren s · July 23, 2008

    Dave I have your stuff but never know when your in or not – give me a buzz on the ole dog and bone and tell me when to bring it. I’m off on School hols now so anytime mate!

  2. Steven · June 8, 2008

    well i thiught it was very good! Well done David! Perhaps we should do the same at our club?

  3. Dave · June 2, 2008

    well, that seemed to work quite well. I will have to do some more!

  4. carl king - phoenix · June 2, 2008

    Thank you Dave for doing this, it is excellent.

    Carl – Phoenix

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