ww2 mid war game

More ww2 Soviet vs German last Monday gone saw the debut of some new scratch built terrain in a ww2 mid war soviet vs German match up.


Steve has built a nicely rundown Orthodox church to provide a focus for this battle – the domes remind me of the Olympic opening ceremony.


And a longer shot – note the detachable cross on top of the dome.



WW2 Eastern Front Wargame

Last Monday we had a ww2 eastern front game using the clubs own rule set. The T34’s and supporting infantry emerge from the woods THE RUSSIAN HORDES EMERGE FROM THE WOODS KV1’s Push forward into the oncoming fire – the red marker indicates a killed vehicleKV1'S ATTACK INTO A HAIL OF AP SHELLS But the KV’s take out a Marder tank destroyer MARDER KNOCKED OUT BY THE KV1'S A Nashorn prepares to avenge its little brother the Marder with its Pak 43 88 mm NASHORN DEFENDING AGAINST T34'S Stugs counter attack the KV1 thrust STUG III COUNTERATTACK AGAINST THE KV1'S The Soviet commander observes the progress of the battle T34 COY. HQ DIRECTS THE SOVIET ADVANCE A flanking attack by more T34’s and supporting infantry T34'S PRESS HOME THEIR ATTACK ON THE VILLAGE

Battle of Tsushima | Naval Wargaming

Last Monday we had a naval war game of the battle of Tsushima which was the climatic naval engagement of the Russo Japanese war. Russia sent most of their Baltic fleet all the way around the world (nearly starting a war with the UK when the fired upon British trawlers in the north sea mistaking them for enemy torpedo boats).

The fleet set off on the 15th of October 1904 and The Action was fought on May 27–28, 1905 in the Tsushima Strait between Korea and southern Japan.


As large scale model ships are expensive and require a lot of space only 5 ships where used though we do have a suitable space to play out large scale  navel battles ala Fletcher Pratt – this would have to wait for one of our club member to  win the lottery.

First we see the start of the battle with the Russian admiral (Steve) in Yellow expressing his confidence – Ironically a lucky shot very early in the game hit the bridge and killed his Russian Admiral.

The game went better for the Russian side than it did real life with a magazine hit on the last turn on the night which took out one of the Japanese battle ship.


In reality the Japanese fleet inflicted a crushing and total defeat of the Russian fleet .

Battle of Paraitacene 317 BC – Campaign Wargames Show

A couple of week go the club visited the wargames show put on by Milton Keynes club – Campaign)

We took a different type of game this year opting to adapt the command and colours board game to a larger board and to use 15 mm figures. The game is unusual in that there are 4 players a side an overall general and left centre and right flank sub generals.

Paraitacene is a battle that occurred in the wars of the successors after Alexander the great died. between Antigonus (one eye) and Eumenes. It was fought in 317 BC.


You can see the layout later in the battle here with One Eye on the right.


A close up of elephants attacking note that these are scratch built models using Britains baby elephants as the base figure.

Campaign is held in Middleton hall and has a large attendance as this shot from the balcony of John Lewis shows.

campaign-wideshotWe also had blast from the past and a flying visit from Jim one of the founder members of the club and know to us as older types as the guy who ran the model side of Gascoignes in Bedford.


Test Comands and Colours Game Pre Campaign

At the last all day Sunday we tested out our Commands and Colors based game which we will be taking to the Campaign Wargames show in Milton Keynes next week.

c&c test1

A change from our usual mega games we decided to do a version of Command and Colors but using 15 MM figures – come and see the real thing next weekend the 11/12th of May at MK Shopping center (just next to John Lewis)

Large FFG X-Wing Game 800 Plus Points

Last Sunday we had a large scale X-Wing Game with 8 players and using out combine models. We ended up with Approximately 400 points each of rebels and Imperial. With each player running around 100 points.


We re used the clubs black sheet we have used in the past for other space combat games and the clubs  collection of Asteroids. This gives a nicer feel to the game and forces players to be carefull as it can be easy to run into an asteroid if you are not carefull

Here the Imperials (Darth Terry and Darth Steve)  are  lining up to crush the rebellion.


And the Opposing Rebels fight for  freedom.

Set up too quite a while this is the line up about 70% through assembling of fleets.


The game was interesting as before x-wing games have been small affairs and its interesting to try a big game. My thoughts are is that it flowed well even with 8 players though at large scale the numerical advantage of the cheaper Tie fighters does tend to overwhelm the rebels individually more powerful units.

A couple of close up shots of the battle (taken with a long lens unfortunately the auto-focus seemed to like the asteroids so apologies for any fuzzy shots)

xwing-close-2 xwing-close

Google+ Community Forum

Google has launched Communities an add on to Google+, It’s called Google+ Communities and it’s Google’s version of facebook groups.

I thought it would be interesting to see how this could be used to promote the club and have set up a community here.