40th Aniversary Weekend 2nd Edition Dnd and Gettysburg

A couple of weeks ago the club celebrated its 40th anniversary with a two day gaming session.

The RPG group decided to got retro and run an old school dnd second edition game which is a dim and distant memory for some of the clubs members. We also ran a large Gettysburg game. The weekend kicked off at the nearby pub to fill up with a full English.


Our Dm quickly has  last minute look at the DnD 2end Ed rules just how does surprise work again


The Second Edition Game in full flight haven’t rolled so many d6 in a dnd game for years

dnd 2nd edition The Tactical board for getysburg
tactical-board Gettysburg boards being being set up geteysburg-setup

The Battle of Getysburg in full flow taken towards the end of the first day

getysburg-towrdas the end of teh first day

They don’t bite – honest.

Here are the promised other pictures from our regular Monday club night (November 2nd).

Here we have some of the RPG players. The don’t bite – honest!

RPG group

I think they are playing D&D - yes the original one

Next up a bit of 40k . . .

40k game (01)

Tau vs Ultramarines

40k (02)

Tau vs Ultramarines (again)

There was also a competition game going on. Lizards vs Orcs & Goblins.

Engine of the Gods

Dave's Orcs give Daiv's Engine of the Gods a wide berth.

And finally a game of Agricola. A family of 5 and a big stone house FTW!


Lots of serious pondering going on

Playing DnD on a Microsoft Surface

Some Carnegie Mellon students have been playing with a Microsoft surface and have a demo of using the surface to play DnD.

They say:

The objective of the SurfaceScapes project is to create a proof-of-concept for playing tabletop role-playing games on the Microsoft Surface Table. We will be using Dungeons and Dragons as a basis for our prototype, with the option for future expansion to other role-playing games. SurfaceScapes will provide Game Masters and players with a set of features to enhance the combat and role-playing aspects of tabletop games. This will include the ability to interact with the digital environment using real objects such as miniatures and provide automated calculations and visual and audio feedback for actions performed by the player and non-player characters. We are taking traditional tabletop role-playing games to the next level, adding a new layer of immersive and intuitive gaming to the Microsoft Surface Table and assisting both GMs and players in enjoying exciting and engaging adventures.
SurfaceScapes… what lies beneath.



The Microsoft Surface is a multi-touch computer that responds to natural hand gestures and real-world objects, helping people interact with digital content in a simple and intuitive way. With a large, horizontal user interface, Surface offers a unique gathering place where multiple users can collaboratively and simultaneously interact with data and each other.

Dave Arneson D&D co creator Dies at 61

Dave Arneson the co creator of DnD with Gary Gygax has passed away last Tuesday. The original 3 brown books where for  most of the older members of the club the first roleplaying rules we experienced.


And back in the day I made my first trip up to London to buy this strange little game that i had read about in Battle magazine, I remember a very rainy day and my feet getting completely soaked – I think I got  my set in a little shop off of oxford street.

There is a longer notice up here on Scifi Wire. Sad  news and I will be raising a toast to Dave on Monday and the start of My DND game.

DnD 4th Edition Game

Ok finally got my act together on Monday I will be handing our the campaign background for my Dnd 4th edition RPG Game I have also decided to run a campaign blog to act as a resource for players and to act as a dairy for the campaign.


The campaign Blog is over here I’me looking for 5-6 players standard player races and i’me not going to say which club member has the best accent to play a teifling 🙂