About Bedford Gladiators


Bedford Gladiators has been in existence for over 35 years.

Starting in the Fox and Hounds in Clapham in the 70’s we now meet at the North end Club Bedford on Mondays from 7:30 till 11:00 and also on the Second Sunday of the Month from 12:00 till 11:00 for longer and larger Games.

We cover a wide range of Wargames Periods and have a number of role-playing groups that are actively recruiting players.

We currently have a lower age limit of 18 for members.


  1. Leigh Thorpe · August 11, 2013

    Hi, could someone please accept my account. I used to come to the club but moved away. I am now back in Bedford and would like to come play again.

  2. Geoffrey Hedges · March 21, 2013

    Dear Sir or Madam
    Could you please contact me regarding your club i have posted before
    My name is Geff and i play runequest. my number is 07814190893 i can call you right back. thx. Geff Hedges

  3. Andrew Coggins · June 9, 2012

    Dear sir/madam
    I live in Brickhill and currently have a largely British Napoleonic army – all 25mm and mostly Hinchcliffe with a number of Minifigs. which are for sale if any of your members are interested ? My home phone number is 01234 401912 or my mobile number is 07717 546663. Some 335 foot figures, 81 cavalry pieces, assorted artillery and rocket pieces – plus an Ancient British army (172 figures approx) – again 25mm (possibly Minifigs ?).

  4. vanessa coombes · March 9, 2012

    hi am currently living in luton and am looking for a wargaming club which takes people at a young age as my younger brother is also interested the game. are there any clubs for 9 and above?

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    • lancey2k · April 2, 2012

      Hi there. I’m Ashley, the guy who came along to visit tonight (02/04/12). I’ve just created an account for the forum, now waiting for approval. Looking forward to a few games of Warhammer fantasy or whatever else may be going at the time!

  6. David Armstrong · February 8, 2012

    Hi I am about to turn 18 in april (I heard you only take on people over 18) and I was wondering how I can join the club

    I do most games produced by games workshop and are looking for some 40k roleplaying

  7. paul given · December 29, 2011

    Good morning,

    I have just moved into the Bedford area and was wondering if I could come along to the club and get involved/have a few games every now and then.

    I am a member of the GCN network and my club is Gambit Games in Brighton but due to my job I move around every few years. I currently play Warhammer, WH 40K, Warmachine, Hordes and Dystopia Wars.

    I currently am away but will be back on the Tues 3rd Jan.

    If I could come along one Monday night and see what you guys are about I would love to.

    Many thanks – I look forward to hearing form you



    • Neuromancer · February 9, 2012

      NP come down any Monday eve at the north end club

  8. Geff Hedges · May 19, 2011

    Dear Sir Or Madam
    Im looking to get back into role playing. my main game is Runequest. any advice or help would be nice

    I have a wide amount of materials for runequest and i think many like these are no longer available.

    Thanks for your time


    • Dave Wilkin · May 21, 2011

      Geff, we have a group that regularly plays runequest…once a month I believe. Come on down and see what you think to the club. I am sure you will feel right at home.

  9. Steve Rhodes · February 9, 2011

    Hi there,

    I hope this finds you well?

    I own The Games Vault in Daventry Northants.

    The regulars here and I are putting a gaming convention together and it will be running the weekend of March the 12th and 13th.

    I was wondering if you would please be able to put a poster up at your club? If so please can you give me an e-mail address to send a poster to.

    If you have any questions or would like to run a demo or participation event please drop me a line.

    Many thanks, kind regards,

    The Games Vault 01327 310541

  10. Jon and Diane Sutherland · October 20, 2010

    We’d be very grateful if you could circulate this offer to members of your club. In exchange we are offering 2 free gaming places if you book 10 paying places or 1 free gaming place for every 5 paying gaming bookings.
    You may have already seen our website, news features and adverts for our new wargame holiday centre on Crete. We have a stunning 45 foot table, 10 three-bed apartments and an infinity pool and pretty much guaranteed sunshine. Our test week was played by Joe Dever, Jervis Johnson, Dave Ryan and Theofanis Kalevras. Be amongst the first wargamers to try out our unique facilities and games.
    You get 4 days of uninterrupted gaming. If you block book you can choose any mix of games from our opening menu of:
    • Battle of Crete – In 20mm with all units in the Tavronitis, Maleme, Galatas, Prison Valley and Chania sectors represented.
    • Battle of Gettysburg 1863 – In 25-28mm, all Corps represented, battlefield extends from the Round Tops to Culps Hill.
    • Normandy 1944 – Large scale battles around Caen. In 20mm with huge British and German forces with full logistical support.
    • Battle of Chancellorsville 1863 – Fighting Joe Hooker v Robert E Lee. In 25-28mm the surprise assault launched against the Army of the Potomac.
    • Indian Mutiny 1857 – In 25-28mm independent British columns moving through hostile terrain to seize a rebel stronghold.
    • Isandlwana 1879 – In 15mm with truly vast numbers of Zulus! British represented by the Centre Column and Durnford’s Number 2 Column.

    Dates Available
    May 17 – May 24 2011
    May 24 – May 31 2011
    May 31 – June 7 2011
    June 7 – June 14
    June 14 – June 21 2011
    June 21 – June 28 2011

    Prices are in Euros, exchanged at the current rate when making a booking. Apartments can sleep up to 3 adults and are 45 Euros a night including breakfast, payable locally. Wargamers pay a gaming fee of 50 Euros each per gaming day. We arrange transfers from Heraklion Airport to the centre and transfers back to the airport at the end of the holiday.
    How our 12 for 10 deal works:
    4 Apartments at 45 Euros per night for 7 nights = 1260 Euros (sleeps 12)
    10 gaming places at 50 Euros per day for 4 days = 2000 Euros (12 play, two free spaces)
    Total cost = 3260 Euros or 272 Euros per head (£240 each based on 1 Euro = 88p)
    How our 6 for 5 deal works:
    2 Apartments at 45 Euros per night for 7 nights = 630 Euros
    5 gaming places at 50 Euros per day for 4 days = 1000 Euros (6 play, one free space)
    Total cost = 1630 Euros or 272 Euros per head (£240 each based on 1 Euro = 88p)

    Visit us at http://www.wargameholidays.com for much information and a downloadable brochure.

    Jon and Diane Sutherland

    • ian winter · August 26, 2013

      Hi intrested in joining th club , been A few years when I last played any sort of war game , but I have started to collect 1/71 /1/76 scale ww2 soliders and tanks , so intrested trying to get into the war gamming side. I work shifts so could not come every week. Would like to come along and see whats its like. what days do you have meetings.


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