AT 43 SF Wargaming a blast from the past

A month or so a go on our regular all day Sunday (2nd Sunday of the month)  I had a game of AT43 for old times sake with Dave using our mothballed figures.

AT 43 from the lamentably defunct rackham industries was an interesting SF Miniatures game similar to WH40K. The game had several factions Sundays game was between the Red Block and the Therieans


Above is the starting position for both sides Block on Left (obvisly comrade)  and the Therieans on the right. Note the other vital component of any game *Beer* 🙂 , Note that the Red Blok player had left the unit cards at home so I had to create proxy cards.


Going back to an old game was fun  and reminded us both how much we enjoyed the game I still have my wooden spoon from one of uk nationals held at games expo.


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