WW3 and a Skirmish In The Sand

Last Monday we had return to the 80’s with a ww3 games with the Walsall pact hordes as as Active Edge is initiated and the troops deploy into their Hide positions. At the same time, confused families are loaded onto buses and the evacuation begins. The troops will spend their blood to buy the politicians the 3 days grace they need to decide whether to apply M.A.D. or whether to capitulate. Ove and Steve Setting up the Table ww3-setup The Soviet Tanks Advance wp-tanks-advance Nato lies in wait waiting to strike at the other end of the table waiting-to-strike And in the woods a wombat lurks wombat-awaits A brewed up Tank later in the Game brewed up

We also had a small Skirmish between Saladin and the Infidel Franks.


The Frank leader advances

The Results where that the WP and Saladin won the day

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