Russo Japanese Naval Battle


Last weeks Monday session last week saw some more pre ww1 action with the Russian and Japanese fleets dukeing it out Steven and Ove the Swede commanded the two Japanese ships Peter was the Russian Admiral, with Matt and Mike in command of the two other ships.

Admiral Steve steams towards glorious victory (or so he thinks)

Admiral Steven at Full Steam


Much combat took place with Peter’s ship in the lead taking a furious pounding. Fires also broke out on the ship but were put out quickly by a brave crew. Little damage was sustained by the Japanese. Steven and Ove were confident, Peter’s ship was almost sunk and the Japanese had the initiative.

However things can change in an instant!

Matt fired, his main guns hitting Steven twice. First shot hit the forward main magazine on a percentage roll of 22%. The shell didn’t penetrate – Steven was relived. Then the 2nd shot – amazing – hit the magazine again with another 22% role – never seen that before. And then, disaster – the shell penetrated and Steven’s ship exploded!!!!!


An amazing Russian victory!

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