Armoured Trains and Warhammer

Another busy night at the club last Monday with a winter WWII game featuring the armored train and quite a few games of Warhammer.

The armored train was used for a scenario game, the Germans had to get it off the battlefield whilst the Russians attacked it.

The Russian sniper team destroyed the tracks so the train couldn’t escape.

Ski troops even came in to help take out the train.

On one of the other tables Terry’s Empire took on…

Neil’s Tomb Kings.

We also hard Dark Elves taking on Beastmen.

The Beastmen army had a fantastic conversion of a Cygor.

The third and final game of Warhammer that night was Dwarfs against Orcs & Goblins, here a group of Squigs and a pump wagon charge a unit of Thunderers.

There was also a game of Warhammer 40K with Nurgle Chaos Space Marines taking on Tyranids.

Another great club conversion, this time of a Demon Prince

The Tyranids advance on a unit of Space Marines.

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  1. Steven · August 29, 2011


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