Overdue Update

The club has been rather busy the last few weeks with a wide varied of different games and systems being played.

Force on Force, Ambush alleys reasonably new modern warfare game has been having a run out recently and has been getting quite a lot of interest.

This game was a infantry only skirmish but there are rules for vehicles too, including helicopters.

Many players at the club play warhammer and Wahammer 40k, here Dereks Skaven take on Neil’s Tomb Kings who have recently had a new book. Derek’s rat ogre bonebreaker is a great conversion.

A few of us play Wyrd Miniatures’ Malifaux skirmish game, the other week we had a 3 player free-for-all featuring The Dreamer, Pandora and Sonja Criid.

There is nearly always a world war 2 game being played at the club here are some from a recent Flames of War game.

And for those who like a larger scale game the club have their own 20mm rule adapted from Peter Guilder’s ruleset.

One comment

  1. Steven · August 11, 2011

    Superb Ed!

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