All Day Sunday Report AT43 Apocalypse

The Febuary  all day Sunday saw a range of games an Dave and I finally managed to get our Long in the planning large AT43 Game (a At43 Apocalypse If You Will) underway. The AT43 game was 6000 points a side and was designed to have 3 companies each with a separate players sharing the LP for the entire army.  Here you can see the Red Blok Commander pondering the next turn.



Here is a close up of the Armoured Centre advancing up the table with an infantry unit using them as cover and also acting as mechanics for the heavy armour.A Dotch Yagga Urod and a Hussar


Some of the Massed Cog Opposition – Dave brought a better balanced army and ran out an easy winner, it was an interesting experiment and it would be nice to try Daves idea of a multiplayer game.


We also had a couple of other WHFB games. Here Mike ponders where to send his High elves.



On another table the dwarves get stuck into some imperial artillery.


We cover a wide range of Wargames Periods and have a number of role-playing groups that are actively recruiting players. we meet at the North end Club Bedford on Mondays from 7:30 till 11:00 and also on the Second Sunday of the Month from 12:00 till 11:00

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