New Year and Old Armies

Well another year is upon us, and the club has some old favourites on offer this week.

Dereks Empire Knights advance on Daves…

Empire!  A bit of a practice game for dave with Warhammer 8th Edition. Same faction battles can be good fun. And it was a race to see if Dereks Cannon could beat Dave’s Steam tank into chewing up the opposition first,a full on carnage later and dave’s decimated troops were slightly less decimated than Derek’s Flagellants. A great game.

 Flames of War was also in evidence, but this time more odd pairings with US vs UK clash…obviously a training exercise before pitting themselves against the hun!

Some of the 15mm British in the Flames of War game move around a wooded hill.

And finally more WW2 this time in 20mm using the Peter Guilder rules. German Mortar teams set up in a church yard.

And the Allies push to drive them out, among the Bocage

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