It’s Cold Outside

Despite the freezing tempratures, the club saw a good crop of games on Monday, and a large amount of members braving the sub zero tempratures for some hot gaming action! (ooer!)

We also have some more new faces at our door, keen to see what being in the Gladiators is all about, I hope they found us to be the kind of group they they can find a home for thier gaming needs.And make some good friends into the bargain. Welcome all.

A bit of Malifaux action with Dave Brown from the Cranfield Conquerors coming along to play against Dave and Ove. Here we see Dave Brown’s Viktorias crew emerging from the woods to meet Ophelias’ Gremlins and Warpig.

 And Ove’s Sonia Criid crew lurking round the town Hotel…… Interesting playing a 3 way game of malifaux, and it seemed to work well.


Mark plays one of our new comers at Warhammer,with Barry looking on.

  Elsewhere, Tom’s Chaos  army emerge to cause , well…chaos in a game of 40K…………… And more 40K in another part of the room, yes Ultramarines…isn’t there a film out about these chaps?!?

 There is an All Day meeting this coming Sunday ( 12th December) so hopefully lots of great pics of the action on our last all day meet of 2010…stay, erm!! tuned!

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