Games Con Leicester 2010

14th November 2010 saw the lads attend the first Gamescon Leicester,at leicester Racecource.

 This new event seemed to go well, with a good selection of traders,including Miniature Wargames. Our own demo team was the sole club, displaying our Elven Civil War game, as played at Colours 09. The upper floor was dedicated to tournament play, with Magic the gathering, Yu Gi Oh, Warmachine, Warhammer, FoW,40K and the UK national AT43 tournaments.

 Our club had two entrants in the AT43 competition, showing our support of an excellant system despite, Rackham Entertainment recently going into liquidation. Indeed the tournament organisers recieved the prizes with in only days of the announcement of Rackham ceasing trading.

Here we see the Tournament floor, with the AT43 tables in full swing

The other end of the tounament floor, with more AT43 tables, and the CCG tournament area beyond

 Dave Wilkin’s first game with his Cogs up against Tom Boddicoats Karman force. A crushing defeat for Dave,by the eventual Champion, indeed the Vandal (seen in foreground) was captured by Tom and used to devestating effect against it’s former owner!

 Our other player, Maurice in his first game using his Red Bloc against a young UNA player. There were a few youngsters in the tournament, and they seemed very knowledgeable on the system,and all involved had a great time. We hope some enterprizing company takeds up the IP and continues what is a great system, with inovative game play. It is doubly sad as a few of the people here were about to engage in the beta testing of the second edition of the rules for AT43, which could have given new vigour to the game .

As for Games Con Leicester  the event seemed to go well, and we hope it goes to a second year with more support from the wider gaming public. Thanks to Zoe and Floris for a great fun day out.


  1. Steven · November 15, 2010

    ha ha very true = and seems to have gone very well. An excellent endoresement of our club!

  2. gladiator64 · November 15, 2010

    it’s the taking part that counts!

  3. Steven · November 15, 2010

    Most interesting! Always amusing to David crushed!

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