Wild Western,Eastern Front and other fun


Another great Monday night meet, with some new faces to the clan…welcome.

 This week we have the usual suspects, plus some Wild West action.Thanks to Ove the lads have dusted off the gunslingers for another outing.

The Earp Brothers mosey into town…Guns blazin’

Whilst Carl seeks insparation from the almighty as the Stage gets the heck outta Dodge!

Space marines and thier Dreadnought surge forward from Drop Pod assault craft in 40K action.

IN yet another 40K game, Ashliegh’s Guard are out in force,with air support.

Meanwhile on the Eastern front, the panzers advance in the same old way.

And the Soviets meet them in the same old way. WW2 20mm action with Peter Guilder Rules, an old favourite at the club

And finally Steve shows some new players to Settlers of Catan,another old classic, and much liked at the club.


  1. John Ferryman · October 24, 2010

    Nice looking minis. I’m a 20mm WWII player myself (in Ohio, USA). I thought I had every WWII rulebook ever printed, but I didn’t know that Peter Guilder had done a set.
    Is there any way to obtain a copy?

    Thanks much.

    • gladiator64 · October 24, 2010

      Hi John,
      The rules have never(to my knowledge) been published. They were the house rules used at the legendary Wargames Holiday Centre,created by the equally legendary Peter Guilder. Originally Peter only produced stats for German British and US Normandy campaign,but the lads at our club have expanded the system to include Soviet, and made lists for early and mid war too. The set was based on an article in Meccano magazine back in the 60’s(?) and Rapid fire rules also hold the same heritage, indeed the casualty chart is exactly the same. The difference is PG’s rules utilise a D10 system,whereas Rapid Fire is D6. The D10 gives more flexability to gun calibres and so on. I have never been comfortable with a long 75 having the same hitting power as an 88, for example!

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