Just an ordinary club nite!

Mondays meeting had a mix of Flames of War, ECW (getting to be the new hotness, this period!) this time using Black Powder, Wings of War, 40K and RPG gaming.With Mark hosting a bit of board game action to add to the fun!


James’  Tigers dominating the centre of the table in the Flames of War Game…. 

And here comes thier target, 7th Armoured Div Cromwells and Firefly’s


ECW action, with Barry’s Firelock company assaulting Carl’s Saker battery…a dangerous maneuver !

40K action next, with an expert paint job on Ashleigh’s Guard tanks


untill this little beauty scratches it off!!

Some WW1 arial action with Wings of War….must get a Drachen balloon for this!

And finally the RPG section…no miniatures to show off, but here is a Character sheet!! not quite the same lads, but have fun!!


One comment

  1. Steven · October 13, 2010

    Nice one David!

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