Honourary Member

Sunday 10th October 2010 saw this Months All Day meeting. We had a good crop of games played, with a large 40K battle, 3500 pts of Orks vs 3500 pts of Ultramarines, huge British Vs Italian clash in the Desert, WHECW parliament Vs Royalist 1500 pt game, and a Warhammer Fantasy engagement..plus Cake!

Barry Warner,( on the left of pic)  a member of the club from the beginning, and one time Chairman, Secretary, committee member,and all round Gladiator, recieves a well deserved accolade from the club. Honourary Life Membership!

Barry and Steff play Warhammer English Civil War

The Royalists form up

 The rest of the club in full swing

 Flames of War British Desert army

Mark and Terry, the Italian Commanders

40K in the midst of the action

Ork Battlewagon and boyz advance!

Dwarf lines in the WH Fantasy game

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