AT 43, Napoleonic’s 40k and Warhammer August All Dayer

At the recent all dayer we had a number of experimental battles with keen war hammer players trying out the new war hammer rules to work out how the changes will effect the game.


Warhamer Game


Dave and Maurice had a test large (3000 points) game of AT 43 a mixed Red Blok and ONI taking on the Cogs. Here the Cogs Vandal takes a bead on the Dotch Yaga.


AT43 Cog Vandal

One of the ONI Mercenary AVF’s looks for a new target – the game end up as a phryic victory for the Cogs.



We also had a Napoleonic game using Age of Eagles

Napoleonic  Wargame and the last picture is a 40K game

40K Game

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