Campaign 2010 & Bedford Gladiators – 7 Years War Black Powder Rules

For this years demo game at Campaign we decided to try out the new black powder rules that several members have started to use, with a largish Russian vs Prussian 7 Years War Battle. We used our normal Large table with hex terrain tiles – sited as usual next to John Lewis handy for the loos.

First of a shot down the length of the table the colored pawns are used to indicate casualties as the Black Powder Rules only remove stands and not single figures.

Campaign 10 002 7years War

The generals ponder time for more cake?

 Campaign-2010-7-Years War

A close up of dragoons advancing from the double headed eagle banners I think these are Russian dragoons

Campaign 10 005 

Terry surveys the battle field with a fortification in the foreground

Campaign 10 013

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