RQ3 – Borderlands Campaign – Bedford

You bet a lot when you left your home and went adventuring. You could hold your own with a sword, and you knew your way around some of the not-so-nice local hot spots, but you weren’t prepared to be called "stranger", and you had never actually seen a troll.

You skirmished, you fought pitched battles, your skills and confidence grew. But now the jobs for hired swords are few. You’re still hungry for glory and riches and honor, but right now you’d settle for a good meal and a steady wage.

Fortunately good men are needed to help civilise a new domain, and that could mean steady meals and reliable friends for a hungry, lonely mercenary.

The new domain of Duke Raus, an exiled nobleman from the heart of the Lunar Empire, lies on the banks of the Zola Fel in Southern Prax. To help tame this wilderness Raus needs veteran mercenaries, experienced scouts and powerful magicians, and they say he’s prepared to pay top rates to secure the best.

OK, enough of the fluff

The system is RuneQuest — if you’ve played it before you’ll know what you’re letting yourself in for, if not don’t worry it’s really quite simple

The game world is Glorantha — bronze age, swords and sorcery with plenty of monsters and loads of magic
The local power structure is the Lunar Empire — think Rome, complete with legions, gladiatorial games and nailing people to trees for suggesting how great it would be if we were all nice to each other for a change
The setting is Prax, on the borderlands of the Empire — a harsh, semi-desert environment populated by (possibly hostile) nomadic tribes

We looking for 4-6 players, and I’d like to start as soon as possible  Anyone interested, reply to this thread — entry is strictly on a first come, first served basis
I shall bring everything along next Monday (8th March) so we can generate characters then — and maybe even make a start if we have time  Look forward to seeing you all.

Contact Mike on the forum or post a comment here.

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