Austrian Army goes for Benny Hill Approach for Adverts

You can tell that some parts of the EU are a little less un reconstructed . The Österreichisches Bundesheer decided that benny hill sketch was a suitable template for an advert. And makes the Top Gear advert for VW seem restrained and elegant.


Apparently  a lose translation of the audio is…

Audi Driver: hey Girls, wanna go for a spin in my fast ride?
Girls: ehh not sure, there’s not even enough space for all of us
Soldier: wazzup girls, in the mood for a joyride?
Girls: *yaaaaay*
Soldier: join the army if you wanna drive a tank
Soldier2: jump in, starting engine
Audi Driver: hey, what about the spin?
Girl: forget it, I want to drive something big

And I thought it was BMW’s that where driven by cocks. And of course we all know that Audi made Lt Grubers little tank (aka a SKDFZ 422) and that the “little tank” in this vid is of course a AIFV (the Ulan) with only a 30mm Mauser – boy those girls are going to be disappointed when they catch the tank.

Id like to see Sabine Schmitz’s take on this maybe “I drive the ring faster in an Ft17”

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