Winter on the Eastern Front

Here are some shots from our regular Monday club night (November 2nd).

Winter WWII

The Soviets Launch their attack

Winter WWII

The Soviets advance. SU-122, KV9 and KV1 in shot.

Winter WWII

A SU-122 is hit and brews up!

Winter WWII

A defending PzIII, plus secret weapon a lime green tape measure in the background

Winter WWII

A Marder III anti-tank platoon lays in wait . . .

Winter WWII

The Marders knock out their first T34

More club-night shots of the other games to follow. Watch this space.


  1. Steven Welch · November 9, 2009

    Thank you David!
    Strength through honour!

  2. Dave · November 4, 2009

    As always a game of quality from our stalwart ww2 section!

  3. Steven Welch · November 4, 2009

    It was a brave victory for the defending German force against a strong Soviet force. For once my dice held and the Panzer III’s faced down and drove off the T34’s!


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