Games Expo 2009 Trip Report Part 1 AT43 Tournament

A Couple of the Gladiators have just returned from a 3 day trip to Games Expo 2009 held in Birmingham this weekend. Dave and Maurice where attending the AT43 Tournament and decided that it made sense to make a weekend of it.

Friday was a leisurely evening spent in the Bar of the conference hotel were we managed a few games including roping in some random passerby’s to play  the “War on Terror” boardgame.


We also had a demo of an interesting card came LeCardo from the designer Leo Marshall its a bit like scrabble you compete to make words from cards.


Both Dave and I enjoyed this in fact its such an interesting game that we will do a proper review later on.

Saturday was an early start as we queued up we saw some DALEK’s and the TARDIS  being unloaded. The AT 43 Tournament took up most of Saturday with a few 20 min breaks.


Dave and his Therians taking a break


Maurice in his last game


The eventual First and Second Players this time Zoe came second unlike the weekend before in the final test games at Leicester where she came in first.


The Winner and one of the prizes the first Dotch Yaga in the UK. The Bedford players finished 11th and 6th. Thanks to Dave and Floris form Pheonix games for organizing the competition and to SMG, Ziterdes and Rackham.


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