Gettysburg – At Campaign 09

Some pictures of the clubs large Day 2 and 3 of Gettysburg 15mm ACW game at last weekends Campaign Wargames show.  We had done an alternate day 1 of Gettysburg at the club which lead to a different day 2.

Saturday Day 2 a shot looking down the battlefield prior to setting out any figures with Gettysburg in the foreground with Seminary ridge running down the center of the board. Confederates are on the left and far end.


Day 3 the union side pondering


Zoaves  advancing through a wheat field.


Longstreets Corps puts in attack on seminary ridge, in our Game Longstreets corps and Pickets division in particular where a lot more successful managing to tun the union flank round the Gettysburg end of seminary ridge. time ran out as Longstreet was bringing up the Corps artillery to form a grand battery to bombard the town.


Figures are 15mm

Rules Fire and Fury

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