Warhammer Fantasy Battle Competition Final Results

Last Monday saw the final of this years WHFB competition Mark (Vampire Counts) Vs John (Vampire Counts) with the final results being

Final results:
1st: Mark
2nd: John
3rd/4th: Stephen/Ashleigh

And bring up the rear the spoon winners are:

Spoon: Dave (technicaly he should play off against Robert)
Spoon (biggest defeat): Brian


Mark Comments

My Vampires proved to be slightly less dead (or should that be more undead) than John’s. My magic failed me throughout the game and by John’s 3rd turn I looked dead and about to be reburied. However, my valiant Wraiths once again proved themselves a match for John’s, despite being charged. The game turned after my General miscast whilst under Curse of Years – giving John a 5+ then a 4+ roll to kill him. John missed both and when a Ghoul inserted a poisoned bone into a delicate part of John’s General the game was mine.

Congratulations to all the players in this years competition.

One comment

  1. Dave · March 27, 2009

    Well done to Mark,for the second year running. A good tournament again this year, get ready for next year’s(or should it be this year!).
    We usually give out the trophy and prizes at the AGM, but as the final was so close to the AGM we haven’t the time to get it engraved in time. This will be done, then an anouncemnt and prizegiving will be done later.

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