All Day Sunday 500 PT 40K Mini Campaign Plus 7 Years War

Something a little different this Sunday the main event was a min 40 Campaign organised by John with 8 players with 500 Point Army’s this was designed as a taster / introduction as 3 of us had not played 40k before.

The games in progress you can just see the fourth table on the left had side – an enjoyable time was had by all and certainly introduced the new 5th edition 40k rules to several new players – and as one of teh inductees i am quite tempted especially as my borrowed tyranids romped away with both of my games.





John Comments

The Imperial Forces (John, Dave, Ove, Chris & Rob) were beaten by the enemies of the Imperium (Maurice, Joe and Stephen). By the background story this would mean the baddies were able to escape  with some of the valuable technology before the Imperial reinforcements could stop them.

We also Had  A 7 Years war game going on using the ever popular Age of Reason rule set as well as a WW2 game for which we have no pics.

 7 Years War

One comment

  1. Mark · March 16, 2009

    Nice to see my 15mm Stalingrad ruined towers seeing some action. Hope the Tyranids didn’t leave them covered in too much blood 🙂

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