Custom Hard Plastic Figures from Wargames Factory

Wargames Factory the guys that make the 28mm hard plastic romans and celts have an interesting idea where they are opening up there production process to their customers you can put in suggestions for figures you would like to see and if they get orders for 1000 sprues or 500 boxes they will produce them one sprue having around 5 28mm figures a costing around $5

they say

But the numbers aren’t as huge as you may have been led to believe! If we can get a hundred people to promise, between them, to buy a thousand sprues (averaging 10 sprues each) of any given subject, then we are in business! That’s not to say that selling 1000 sprues will cover all of our costs, but the combination of 100 unique purchasers and 1000 total sprues sold tells us that there is enough interest in that sprue that it will most likely do well once it reaches the wider wargames market and we’ll be able to at least break even!

At the moment several suggestions have hit the magic number and it look like Celtic Cavalry box set with alternate riders so you can use them as Roman auxiliary’s will be out soon along with some Celtic Chariots. You can see some WIP pics and sculpts here

You can see the current list of suggestions here  you can vote/pre order and make your own suggestions as well.


  1. Dave · March 26, 2009

    Not at all. I am the club Secretary! The Cesarian Roman boxes were open for inspection at last year’s Reading show, and they were awfull! the bad reviews in the wargames press were justified.And I still buy lead for my historicals,anyhow. There is a certain something about the heavy bag on the way home, to say you actually spent that £150 at a show!!

  2. Nick · March 9, 2009

    Com on dave,,
    we all know your from Worlord games.
    he ….he..

  3. Neuromancer · February 15, 2009

    interesting will have to see them in teh flesh so to speak

  4. Dave · February 15, 2009

    The thing is, this is from Wargames factory, not Warlord games. I have seen WF ‘s efforts “in the flesh” and the very daming reviews are justified. I wouldn’t waste my money on them, so have no interest in this vote. The problem is aparently they invested in inferior plastic mould tooling, so the figures are very very bad. And unless they have re invested in the same tools that Warlord have, the rubbish will just repeat itself.

    • Anonymous · March 11, 2009

      Let me guess your from Warlord games. People need to see for themselves. Check out Wargames Factory. I have purchased several sets and I found them Historically accurate and highly detailed. The prices are fantastic for the quality.

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