Visit to Phoenix Games in Leicester

Last week end two of the gladiators went to Phoenix Games in Leicester to play in a small Sunday AT43 Tournament.

Maurice with Red Blok and Dave W With Therians . We both arrived around midday though Dave had to contend with Leicester’s one way system đŸ™‚ The Shop has a nice upstairs room they use to host games and they had around 12 players, we both managed two games Dave being 2 and 0 and I Won one Lost one.

5 Games under way at the start of the day.


at the end we had a big game 5v5 using all the boards to save time we used a shuffled deck of unit cards ala confrontation rather than the more normal AT 43 activation sequence.


Thanks to Floris for hosting us and for putting on an interesting event


  1. Zoe · October 29, 2010

    If you enjoyed this event or would like to come to a similar but bigger tournament with a convention please visit
    Tickets are available now and we need your support to hold future conventions. Thanks

  2. Dave · February 5, 2009

    HAh! sort of mince up to the enemy, and while they are bemused belt them to death with your pink bandanna. We are playing After Trauma 43 , not Amorous Attention 43 mate! LOL

  3. Steven · February 5, 2009

    oh i see – i thought it was a person who is a bit “light of foot”!! Sort of like Kenneth Williams

  4. Dave · February 2, 2009

    The Hekat is a type of walking vehicle, used by the Therian faction in AT-43, with a murderous set of spinning and crushing scythes on the front, hence the Mincer! I used two of them to devastating effect in the games that day.

  5. Steven Welch · February 2, 2009


  6. Dave · February 1, 2009

    No, far from It Steven…2 for 2!! beware the mincing jaws of Hekat death!!

  7. Steven · January 31, 2009

    ha ha does that mean she beat you David?

  8. Dave · January 25, 2009

    Yes Steven, and a good player she was!

  9. Steven · January 24, 2009

    My god – there’s a woman playing a game!!

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