Games over Christmas Break

Members of the gladiators have been busy playing a range of games away from the club.  Dave  and Graham have been leaning a new set of rules fields of glory and had a couple of  game in Daves gaming room. Armies are 15mm, Italian Condotta, Vs Grahams Germans with Swiss mercenaries. First a wide shot from one of the games showing the start of the battle.


later in the day the pike bloc strikes home.


and one of the armies baggage train and camp



After New Year the first game of the year was a 2000 point AT43 Game where Daves new Baal Golgoth figure could have its combat debut vs Maurice’s Red Blok.

This was a larger game where we could try out a large points value than we normally do  and see how type 3 Armour units would work.

The Baal Golgoth enters the game looks like its going to be a hard fight Comrades


The red block infantry rush forward to take up positions having realized the best way to stay out of a Hekat’s blades is to climb some stairs (the Dalek defense) Krazny Soldat in the back ground dragonov kommandos in the foreground.


Unfortunately the type 3 thereian ruled the board and  after a heroic struggle with the Blok had to admit defeat. Here the Red Blok commanders admit that they need a bigger gun after ejecting from Urod. Later in the Game they did manage to finish off a Therian infantry unit  which is a first.


Thanks to Dave for kindly hosting us in his gaming room.

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