Large ACW Game at our All Day Sunday Event

We had our last all day event of 2008 last week end and most of the room was take up with a very big ACW game. 

The scenario was a “what if” set around day 1 of Gettysberg. The table depicts the area further to the north, with the confederates attacking the Union whilst it is strung out in line of march. Also JEB Stewart, CSA Cavalry commander is available, whereas historicly he was on a scouting mission out to the east, and didn’t play a major part in the battle at all. Dave, Graham and Martyn were the rebs, with Steve Wilson, Derek, Barry, Steve Mawson, and Terry as the Union. Mark played an excellent umpire. the day ended with the CS eventually pushing the north off of thier initial positions and gaining the high ground, but at the cost of the confederate cavalry recieving a mauling, losing JEB Stewart, and one of our other famous commanders Hood also fell. The union at the last, fell back to good positions around Gettysberg town, and Seminary ridge. We are poised for a day 2!

Here we see the team setting up


Barry pausing between turns


Chow time with the Union and Rebels


Ill try and get some more info on the rules sets figures and points deployed

We also had a DnD4th edition Game with 5 of the RPG section

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