There is going to be an AT43 Tournament at our local game shop, Wargames Workshop. This is planned for November 15th, keep an eye on the shop website 

Time to test your AT-43 army!!!

Each player to bring the models ,army book tape dice and templates they need to play. Tournament will commence at 1030, arrive at 1000 for registration.
Each player to make a 1500 pt army from the books UNA, Therian, Red Block, and Karmans. The Army can conform to any Platoon pattern in these books. For simplicity, and so that no one is predjudiced that may not have internet access, or have not read any erratas, the game is to be played with the army books as they stand, no errata to be played.
Once an army has been constructed, that list is played for all games in the Tournament, same platoon pattern, same models.

The tournament will have various playing areas of 4ft x 4 ft, with each having specific scenarios, and victory points. Some may involve Re enforcements. In these players will use destroyed units as a re enforcement pool, untill they have sufficient RP to activate. No more than the 1500 pts are to be used.
Players will be randomly paired off, and randomly allocated a table. Play will last for max 1 1/2 hours per game or 6 turns, whichever is sooner.
This means everyone should get 3 games in the day.

Points are scored for :
game VP earned = VP
winning the game + 3
Drawing the game +1 each
Each enemy unit destroyed + points

So as an example. Player A won 2 objectives at 3 pts each,won his game, and destroyed an enemy Firetoad @200 pts, score 209


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  3. Dave · October 26, 2008

    Good point on the VP rule John. I will ammend it to be like KP in 40K, so each unit is 1 VP, that should make objectives more the object of the game, as intended.

  4. Dave · October 23, 2008

    As I don’t have the new Frostbite rules, I would say we stick with the Damaclese version. As Frostbite becomes more widely used and used to, (assuming we do another tournie!) we will do it next time.

  5. John · October 19, 2008

    Maurice: I would assume from the fact we aren’t using Erratas etc that we are using the basic rules, and possibly Operation Frostbite?

    I think the new Indirect rules are part of Frostbite, thus as a bigger question will the Frostbite rules be in play?

    – – –
    The only very weird thing about the rules is the scoring of units at points cost, and objectives/winning etc at a couple of points each.

    It seems very strange that you could win the game, have your opponent score no VPs and still lose because he killed one more vehicle or some such.
    I mean what is the point of worrying about objectives, when all the objectives in the game are worth less points than the missile launcher upgrade on a squad of UNA?

  6. Neuromancer · October 10, 2008

    oh and we are using the origional indirect fire rules?

  7. Neuromancer · October 10, 2008

    Count me in for Red Blok army.

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