Vampire Space Monkeys Administer a Spanking

We had yet another busy Monday club night with a range of Flames of War, Peter Guilder WW2, Warhammer and AT43 as well as a zombie board game.  You can see how full the room was from this wide shot of the room.


The AT43 Fans in the Club managed our largest game so far with 2.2k of Karmans vs a similar sized combined Human (UNA plus Red Blok) force. Rob having finally managed to get a more balanced Karman force and some new units making their debut and duly trounced Dave and Myself’s combined force.

Red Block troops advancing.

Konizi RPG-Colosuss

A Brewed up Fire toad and a Karman Afv


The Victorious Karmen though Guys that did the damage where the Wendigos on the other wing wiping out a RPG Colossus unit and a Dragonov Kommando unit with the Wendingos support grenade launchers on the same turn (ouch!).


We also had a few people playing a zombie board game.


As well as the ever popular Peter Guilder rules WW2 game.


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