GW announces price increase

Looks like you GW types had better get caning the credit cards as GW look like they are announcing  price increases.


A letter from GW to their trade customers on the table top gaming news site 


Prices will change September 29th.

A message will appear in our October White Dwarf.

The price increase will affect part of our paint and hobby ranges, as well as a large portion of our metal models and printed materials.

So it might be worth not putting off any GW purchases till later in the year

One comment

  1. Dave · August 29, 2008

    As I said on the forum, is it time to use Vallejo paints and Army Builder spray paint from Cranfield?It wasn’t that long ago they increased the paints; earlier this year wasn’t it? It doesn’t affect the plastic kits, though, just lead paint and printed material. But I get the feeling GW wants to drasticly reduce or maybe cut it’s lead minis completely. The evidence….look at GW shop shelves, 90%plastic now, very few blisters.(although you can order them and have delivered to the shop for free).
    Dave W

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