Seven Years War/ Flames of War / 40k and WW2

Last night we had a packed session with a wide range of games:

First up we have Graham and Martyn doing a 7 years war Russia Vs Prussia.


and a close up note the colored pawns are used to mark status and casualties.


Steve and Peter had one of their regular Peter Guilder rules WW2 game a close up of some German troops defending a building.

Captured 2008-8-19 00003

And a close up of full table.

Captured 2008-8-19 00002

Carl and Dave Austin playing Flames of war

Captured 2008-8-19 00004

Mikes High elves taking on a potential New member Josh with his Orcs/Goblin army.

Captured 2008-8-19 00000

Dave (Chaos Marines) vs Rob (Ultra Marines)

Captured 2008-8-19 00001


  1. gladiator64 · August 27, 2008

    Gamer High fashion indeed! Just the sandals with socks missing, lol!
    but a good and varied selection of games.

  2. Steven · August 27, 2008

    amusing pair of trouses that Peter is wearing!

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