Warhammer 25th Anniversary – pictures

Here are some pictures from the giant Warhammer game we put on in the GW Bedford store to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of WHFB.

The game saw the Orcs & Goblins from Dave and Marks’ collections taking on the Empire & Dwarves from Dave, Terry and Stephens’ collections. We didn’t keep a close track on points, but I’ll try and add further details of the armies at a later date.

The Empire & Dwarves were deployed defending a large castle and small town. The castle can be seen in the picture below. The horde of greenskins can be seem curving around the castle and off into the distance.

The armies deploy

The Orcs attacking the main gate had brought a siege tower. Unfortunately the Orcs pushing it spent much of the game squabbling and being targeted by numerous “Conflagrations of Doom” before finally being annihilated by a unit of Knights Panther.

The Orc siege tower

The far right of the Empire defensive line was anchored on a small number of building. Note one of the two fire wizards atop the building. His first spell killed no less than 14 Orcs.

The Empire defending their homes

Below we can see some of the Empire defenders of the Castles main round tower. Down below to the right we can see the Dwarf army deployed to delay the Goblin siege engines reaching the castles weaker walls. You might also be to make out the Ice Queen of Kislev in the main castle courtyard.

The Empire defend the castle towers

Next we see one of the two Empire Steam tanks breaching the Goblin lines. They’ve just routed a unit of Black Orcs and panicked two units of Goblins off the table. The Giant considered tacking the tank, but thought better of it in the end. The two wounds that can be seen on the Steam Tank were caused by a combination of Goblin Fanatics and very wayward shot from a Doom Diver. During the course of the battle the Steam Tank was hit by no fewer than 5 Doom Divers and 6 Fanatics.
An Steam tank breaks the Goblin line, whilst a Giant keeps a low profile.

Terry, Mark and Stephen check the Empire defenses.

Another view of the castle

The writing is on the wall for the Ice Queen as the Giant, which was pursuing a unit of Great Swords at the time, enters the castle

The Giant enters the castle

And finally, here’s a shot taken at the very end of the battle. Mark is noting down the final casualties with Dave and Terry looking on. Note the Dwarf army has been completely destroyed, but casualties on the Goblins have been high.
The end

The final casualty list was as follows, give or take the odd Goblin or twenty.

Orcs & Goblins

1 Orc Shaman
2 Night Goblin Shamen
8 Orc Boar Boyz
72 Orc Boyz
25 Orc Arrer Boyz
10 Goblin Wolf Riders
10 Goblin Spider Riders
50 Squig herds (30/20)
4 Stone Trorlls
96 Night Goblin Bow
56 Night Goblins

Emperor Karl Franz & Deathclaw
Ludwig Swartzenhelm
Ice Queen of Kislev
Fire Wizard
Steam Tank
20 Greatswords
40 Halberds
40 Spearmen
20 Free Company
20 Handgunners
Great Cannon
Hellblaster Volley Gun


All of them . . .
20 Ironbreakers
20 Longbreads
40 Warriors

It was a memorable battle full of memorable moments. Some of the best for me were:

The first Doom Diver shot which was targeted on a Wizard sitting atop the castle. The guess was a good 15 inches short. The shot then drifted a further 10, followed by a 3 inch glide onto the Steam Tank (it wounded it too) – which was a good 27 inches from the initial aim point.

The Emperor and Deathclaw failing to kill Azhag the Slaughterer on the charge – then Azag living up to his name.

The Empire Spear unit charged by 3 Trolls. The killed them, pursued 12 into a unit of Goblins, which they promptly destroyed, panicking two more units of goblins in the process. 72 Goblins and 3 Trolls killed for the loss of 1 model – and that was killed by a fanatic.

But I think the winner was the Goblin Bolt thrower shot at the lone Wizard stood atop a tower. The range was 48 (+1), the target was a single model (+1) and in hard cover (+2). Nailed him first time 😉 Awesome dice from one of the lads in the shop.


  1. JDP · March 31, 2009

    the goblins are really cool and they the best army in warhammer

  2. Someone77 · October 29, 2008

    Awesome Battle guys, keep it up!

  3. gladiator64 · September 24, 2008

    Hi welcome to the blog

  4. sierra · September 19, 2008


  5. N1AK · April 30, 2008

    Great looking game, certainly has an epic look to it.

    Although I’m dissapointed to hear the Dwarves were all killed, it’s nice to know that smarmy Karl Franz got what was coming!

    I’m also liking the gigantic Goblin movement trays.

  6. Steven Welch · April 29, 2008

    very impressive Mark and the chaps – a good game and nice bit of “flying the flag”!

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