Warhammer Fantasy Battles – 25th Birthday: Saturday 26th April

Saturday sees Games Workshop celebrate the 25th birthday of Warhammer. To mark the occasion, and in our capacity as local GCN club, we will be putting on a large demonstration game at the Bedford GW store. In true historical Warhammer style this will be a Goodies (Empire, Bretts, Elves, Dwarves) vs Baddies (Orcs & Goblins) battle.

Everybody is welcome to come on down and join the celebrations. If you are a member of the Gladiators then please try to remember to wear your club t-shirt if you do come down. I know I’m one of the worst at remembering to do this, but it does help promote the club.

Link to the official GW site with news of other events etc can be found here

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