Noticeboard vs Forum

Guys, once again the number of posts to the Noticeboard is getting out of hand. Basically it’s not really working as scrolling down 260+ posts is a chore and it’s almost impossible to follow the various discussions taking place. I think we’d be far better off using a web forum for the sort of chat that is currently cluttering up the Noticeboard.

We already have one [dead link removed].

[Update:01/05/08: The we forum has moved to here

I can’t remember who set it up, but it’s easy to use and I think it will be much more useful for people trying to arrange games, trips or whatever.

Maurice, as committee member in charge of the Gladiators web presence, should be the main admin for the any forum we use, so he may wish to set up a different one, but that’s his decision.

Of course, I suspect nobody will use the forum whilst posting to the Noticeboard remains an option, so I’d also like to suggest we get rid of the Noticeboards – perhaps bringing them back once the forum takes off.

What do people think?


  1. Mark · January 13, 2009

    Please use the forum – see link to the left, for games requests.

    • Trev · April 24, 2011

      I’ve registered with the pro-boards forum, my friends have one of their own for 40k, fantasy, dnd and other games. Awaiting approval. I was at the club last monday, new guy that played 40k with a friend. Wondered if anyone would like a quick game? 1,500-2,000 points 40k normal game? My friend (Elizabeth), may be playing with another at the club (James Emerton) at 40k.

  2. Martin · January 12, 2009

    Martin how about a 1500point FOW on the 1st Monday Feb. Barry

  3. gladiator64 · April 11, 2008

    I agree we need a new forum that we can control.

  4. shalamanser · April 10, 2008

    Maurice – a dedicated web forum has got to be the best solution. We need to be the Mods and Admins though – so the one we have now isn’t any good.

    If you can find a suitable one – we can switch off the Noticeboard comments and use it instead.

  5. GeorgeC · April 6, 2008

    Oh that Forum… Didn’t know we had one hence using the noticeboard. This sounds like a technical issue – pick whatever is the simplest solution to maintain. A tab on the top would be very useful.


  6. Neuromancer · April 5, 2008

    yep ill look at the forum will have to put the link on the RHS menu

    humm just noticed they have updated the admin interface and you can bulk delete comments

  7. gladiator64 · April 4, 2008

    fair comment! go wit ha forum

  8. shalamanser · April 4, 2008

    Deleting the posts is a major pain in the **** as each one has to be deleted individually – or not at all. I for one haven’t the time for that.

  9. gladiator64 · April 4, 2008

    Well, the thing is ease of use, if the forum was one of the tags at the top of the page, that would work. Or maybe delete posts that are over 5 weeks old or so.

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