20mm WWII – East Front (all day Sunday 09/03/08)

WWII was the unofficial theme of last weekend’s all day Sunday, with a couple of giant games taking place. Steve and Pete put on a lovely East Front 20mm game using their version of the Peter Guilder rules (see pictures below).

The expanse of the Russian wilderness in all it’s glory.

The snow covered expanse of the wilderness

The Russians approach.

The Russian Juggernaut Approaches

Resistance is met!

Resistance is met

The Nashorns arrive. They are brand new for this game. (Combat debuts rarely go well at the Gladiators).

The Nashorns arrive

The Nashorns form up for attack.

The Nashorns form up

The Nashorns open fire on the lead T34’s.

The Nashorns begin firing at the lead T34’s

The T34’s advance regardless.

T34’s advance and engage the Nashorns

A KV8 approaches through a smoke screen. It was knocked out shortly afterwards, adding it’s own smoke to the screen.

KV8 advances through the smoke

T34 pick their way past the ruined KV8.

T34’s pick their way past the KV8

A PE2 overflies the German position in search of a target. The Pz IV seen below won’t do as it already knocked out.

PE2 searching for a target

The second giant game was a FoW 15mm game (5000pts per side) set in Tunisia. With the US and British 8th Armies attempting to join up. I’ve no pictures of this game yet, but lots were taken, so hopefully I can add some later.


  1. Dave Wilkin · March 13, 2008

    A grat game, fine example of the “quality” regularly seen at the club!

  2. Steven Welch · March 13, 2008

    Victory!!! Thank you Mark for adding the pictures!

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