Tournament Night (12/11/07) – some pictures

Here are some pictures taken by Dave during our tournament match last Monday vs Rushden Phoenix. I’ve some more on my camera and I’ll add them as and when I can.


Group shot - Rushden and Bedford

A group shot of the 10 players in the competition.

Battle is joined

The busy games room.

Orcs & Goblins vs Dwarves

There were three WFB games played. Here’s a shot of the first game Orcs & Goblins vs Dwarves (John).

Chaos vs High Elves

In the second game we have some serious chin holding going on as Chaos take on Robert’s High Elves.

Pegasus Knights

Three Pegasus Knights perform a victory fly past in the third game, which pitched Carl’s Brettonians against Dave’s Empire.

Brettonians vs Empire

This is another shot from the same game. As you can see Dave’s army has alreadly mostly left the table . . . probably not the best time to switch to using the new Empire army eh, Dave?

Flames of War - inter club game

Here’s a shot from the Flames of War game, which matched Stephen’s Soviets vs Martyn’s Brits.

Warhammer game from IC match

The finally match was a WAB game: Rise of Macedon vs 1st Punic War Carthage. Here my opponent manoueuvres Alexander the Great and his Companion cavalry to menace the flank of my Gallic Warband.

Steve models his battle shorts

Not all of the games played were part of the inter-club tournament. Here’s Steve who put on a very tasty looking WWII game with Peter and Richard. More pictures of this game to follow once I can download them from my camera.

Warmaster Game

And finally, here we have Steve and Derek playing Warmaster on some purpose built terrain which was recently donated to the club.

One comment

  1. N1AK · November 19, 2007

    Thanks to Pheonix for a good night.

    I had a great game against (Daryll?)’s Night Goblins. Looking forwards to the re-match where I think I will pull something a little more suprising out of the hat!


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