It is with great pride that I am able to announce our formal acceptance to the Games Club Network. I recieved today an Email from Si Crocker, Castellain of the Watch, confirming our acceptance. We await a pack from the GCN, so that our committee can go through the CRB process, and paperwork to set up our Public Liability Insurance.

 This means, of course we will have a permanent entry in White Dwarf, and be able to advertise in our local Games Workshop store, which I will organise as soon as is practicable. We will also have the opportunity to attend Games Day, a first for the club, and play against other GCN clubs around the country in organised events, such as G.T’s in worthy venues such as Warhammer World.

 I hope this will usher in a new era for the club, and hopefully more recruits!!

 Dave Wilkin

 Club Secretary


  1. Robert Purser · October 30, 2007

    Oh no we have turned to the darkside of the force 😉

  2. N1AK · October 29, 2007

    Well done for having the patience to follow it all the way through. More publicity is very rarely a bad thing, and fear not none GW gamers, at least we will be giving them a chance to see a range of games.

  3. Dave · October 27, 2007

    I can certainly ask, but I think we have our blog as the club site posted on our details in WD magazine, which is a help!

  4. Neuromancer · October 27, 2007

    cool do we get a link for the WD website 🙂

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