Tournie match

As I was sorting out our two new members on Monday,welcome to Richard and Brian by the way! It completely left my mind to organise our Inter Club match Vs Rushden, at home on the 12th nov. Remember it is 2000 WAB,2000WFB,2000pts WH40K, 1500pts FoW. Volunteers notify me ASP please.

 I volunteer to do 2000pts WAB

 Cheers, Dave


  1. Terry · October 25, 2007

    I think Graham is due back on the 9th December and I know he is keen to join us for the curry night. Dave if you need any further help on the 12th I dont mind giving the FOW a go if nobody else is interested.

  2. Steven Welch · October 25, 2007


    Peter said something about booking the place we went to for Marks Stag Do which seems OK with me – i think 60 popadoms between us woud be fine!

  3. gladiator64 · October 24, 2007

    Yes, Steve, we will organise a curry, how many poppadums this year!! At the same venue I guess (Ido like thier peshwari naans!!)

  4. gladiator64 · October 24, 2007

    Join the club Rob!!! What system do you fancy?

  5. frozennova · October 23, 2007

    It completely skipped my mind to mention it before I left as well. Which was pretty stupid of me as I was talking to you about it when we arrived.

    We’ve got plenty of players of the other systems, but only one FoW player (namely me) who’s likely to be able to attend.

    Oh and I’m interested in the curry myself.

  6. Robert Purser · October 23, 2007

    HI dave,

    i`ll have a go if you want the unlucky one…

  7. N1AK · October 23, 2007

    Sorry for my no show, I’m afraid I made an unfortunate and lengthy sightseeing detour through Birmingham at Rush hour on Monday night.
    I will attend in person next Monday and grovel as appropriate in person.

    I can’t make the 12th alas, which is a shame because I’ve just been re-bitten by the 40k bug.

    How ever I am nigh up always interested in a curry so consider the motion seconded.


  8. Steven Welch · October 23, 2007

    Perhaps more important David, is the Club Xmas Curry! We must book this – preferably after Graham is back in the UK!

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