Hot Elf on Elf action, Naked Men, AT43 and Grain Elevators

In other words: another typical club night.

Hot elf action in the form of: Wood Elves vs High Elves (Did you call my tree a lass?) in the WHFB tournament.

Naked Men in the form of: Celts vs Romans in a WAB game.

AT43 in the form of: errr . . . AT43. What were you doing guys?

Protecting the human race against the Therians Comrade

A 1255pt gave Red Blok all infantry vs Therians again the lack of armour hurts the Red Blok hopefuly after project hydras opening next weekend I Should have some Armor to back the infantry up.

Grain Elevators courtesy of a Stalingard WWII.

Did anybody take any pictures?

One comment

  1. Carl · September 4, 2007

    Hi all, Wargames Workshop here, just posting to say AT-43v RED BLOK army book and figures are in our store NOW!!

    cheers Carl

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