Monday 27th Meeting

Las Monday we had a number of games including the fastest ever game of Full thrust 🙂 a very Phyrric vistory for Maurice’s UN.

First our regular peter Guilder based rules with Steve Welch and Rob

Club  2007-8-5 00004

Flames of war Dave W(German) vs Stephen (US) a close up of the US troops advanceing

Club  2007-8-5 00001  

Another Test  Warhammer Test for Terry vs Steve

Club  2007-8-5 00005

And the Fast FT game

Club  2007-8-5 00003

The Purple Pawns in front of the french fleet are a full salvo of anti matter missiles from the UN fleet unfortunately the UN went to fast and ended up in the blast area a wipe out for both sides – oh well only the 3rd game for the UN.

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