Interclub wargames tournament Bedford Gladiators Vs Northampton Warlords

Just got back from our first interclub tournament match Vs Northampton Warlords,  We lost (there is a surprise!) With Brian in a 40K match, and John and Rob P in Fantasy, with myself playing WAB. John drew his match, but the rest of us lost ours, myself I have to say, in a game to the death, rather than the usual 6 turns, but a bloodbath it was and close till the end in our Roman Republic Civil war game.

The Teams

InterclubV Northampton 00008

Brian thinking that’s a lot of Ones 🙂

InterclubV Northampton 00002

One of the Fantasy Battles

InterclubV Northampton 00000 

And the other Fantasy Battle

InterclubV Northampton 00006


  1. Terry · August 20, 2007

    Good effort guys at least you flew the flag, I wondered where the foil curtain had gone!

  2. gladiator64 · August 19, 2007

    Yes I should have checked the rules of the tournament I think. Anyhow, everyone enjoyed a great day’s Gaming,so thanks to mark peat and the Northampton lads for a memorable day. Next up are the Rushden lads in November (unless we can sort out a fixture with Cranfield in the mean time!!)

  3. N1AK · August 19, 2007

    Bad luck about the draw Dave, at least it looked like a fun battle but next time your winning at the end of turn 6 take your winnings 😉

    I had a really good game, close the whole way through. Thorek self destructed in turn 6, but then I did take a cheesy special character so it could be karma’s way of getting me back.

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