Project Hydra

New Shop opening in Northampton.

 Whilst browsing on the Northampton Warlords site, I came across this link

If you check it out you will see it is a new gaming shop that opens in the centre of Northampton on September 1st. They seem to carry all the stuff that Carl, at Wargames Workshop carries however, but worth a look to see if they try some different lines. It also looks like the Northampton Warlords may be seting up in the shop too.



  1. Tom · September 10, 2007

    Rackham have gone into ‘Administration’ I’m not exactly sure what that means but our supplier says that it is because the company has been completely restructured and it is to prevent share price decreases. The kind of boring economic thing I tried to avoid by opening a gaming shop! They aren’t bankrupt and will still be making their products.

  2. gladiator64 · September 10, 2007

    What is all this we hear of Rackham filing chapter 11? like bankruptcy? will we still be able to get AT43?

  3. Tom · September 9, 2007

    Hi Carl, Thanks very much. Your store was part of what inspired us to open up a store in Northampton as it has been in need of an independant for a long time. More wargaming widows it is!

  4. Ben · September 8, 2007

    Well it was a good opening day I was slightly reluctant to go at first due to various rumours and speculations but am deffinately glad I went now.
    Although I dont know who said I was trying to boycott project hydra to the guys there, who ever they are their an idiot!
    Im all for it it seems like a good location and Its run by friendly good staff that i get on with and by the end of today I left with the rulebook of AT 43. 🙂

  5. Carl · September 6, 2007

    Good luck with the new store, will try to pop in sometime, and for all who don’t know there is also a store in Cranfield which is between Bedford and Milton Keynes call WARGAMES WORKSHOP, see for location details we have gamesnights on MONDAYS & FRIDAYS so between both of our stores you can pretty well game all week, (sound of many a wife crying) 🙂

  6. Tom · August 27, 2007

    Hi, I’m one of the owners of Project Hydra. We open on the 8th September. We have a book signing with Ian Watson, author of Space Marine and the Inquisition war on that day.

    We will have plenty of gaming tables in the store for free use, and will be running gaming nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays untill 10pm. Also Northampton Warlords will be using our shop on Sundays, untill 6pm.

    We will be holding regular tournaments for the different gaming systems. The first one is 1500 points of 40K on September 23rd.

    We will be stocking the GW range at 10% off, as well as Warmachine, Hordes, Flames of War, Historical and AT-43. We will also be selling Board and Card games. Other lines will be introduced depending on demand.

    Thanks for putting this up, we appreciate it. Any support you guys can give us will be a great help. I hope to see you at the shop!

  7. Stephen - Phoenix · August 10, 2007

    The shop’s being run by some of the Northampton Warlords members, which is partly why the club is moving there.

    I shall definately be down for the opening, as any new Gaming shops in my vincinity has to be a good thing.

  8. N1AK · August 10, 2007

    Typical, I spend years bemoaning the lack of a gaming store in Northampton, move to Bedford and one opens 😐

    I think the opening of independant gaming stores anywhere in the area has to be good news, and if Warlords are playing there it might encourage more of them to try the delights of the none GW world.

    In short, their should be much rejoicing.

  9. Neuromancer · August 10, 2007


    I added a link to our shops section – nice that its central will ahve to see if i can get down for the opening day.

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