Club Trip Bovington Pics

A couple of Saturdays ago the club had a trip to Bovington which co-incided Battlegroup South wargames show.

One of the Games at the Show

Bovington 7 7 07 00028 

Brian In front of a Jagd Tiger behind him is an Australian Cruiser Tank.

Bovington 7 7 07 00014

A Tiger I – In running condition now

Bovington 7 7 07 00016

Inside a PzKpfw 3 Ausf N – which has been the side cut out so the public can get inside

Bovington 7 7 07 00009

Steve in his element – in the commanders seat in the PzKpfw 3

Bovington 7 7 07 00006

we arrived at 11 am, and after a great day, left at 4 30 in the afternoon.


  1. Steven · July 22, 2007

    Excellent shots Dave and a lovely day – i think we all enjoyed it! Was great to see the real thing and the bonus of a top wargames show! Thanks from us all to you for organising the van, and to you and Brian for driving! Cheers!

  2. gladiator64 · July 21, 2007

    The Game is Flames of war , interesting because it usees Teddy Bear fur material almost exclusively. Sprayed green, it is most effective.
    Brian is standing next to a Jagd Tiger, this behemoth boasts a 128mm gun. Behind him is an Australian Cruiser tank, mark one I think.
    Next is Bovington’s famous Tiger, now operational !!
    And the last two shots are the lads inspecting a PzKpfw 3 Ausf N. This one has the side cut out so the public can get inside.Steve just manages to squeeze into the commanders seat!! It is interesting to note that this tank was one of the best for visability, with plenty of vision ports, but still you would have problems seeing. Imagine the noise and chaos of battle…smoke and debris. So the next time on the gaming table someone thinks a tank would site it’s target quickly and expertly , or even be aware of it..think again!!

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